Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency 

TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System
In today’s world, energy production increases day by day and parallel to this, energy resources are decreasing. With production increase, concepts such as efficient use of energy resources, energy saving, energy efficiency, recovery and reuse are gaining importance. Energy management has become an important issue anymore due to the negative consequences of global warming and the decrease in energy resources.
Effective energy management has become a necessity as well as useful for organizations. TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System is mainly based on the determination of energy policies of the organizations, the management of energy consumption within the framework of the energy management programs established by the organizations in accordance with the determined objectives and targets and the improvement of the performance of the energy management system. We can summarize the main benefits of the Energy Management System to organizations as follows;

  • Energy efficiency
  • Optimum Use of Resource
  • Contribution to the Environment
  • Cost Reduction 
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Wide Monitoring and Control in All Activities
  • Trust in Customers
  • Healthy Information Flow

In this context, our organisation has adopted a Energy Management System Policy committing to use the energy resources in the most efficient way, to develop the energy performances in a sustainable manner with the lowest environmental impact understanding, to investigate the alternative energy sources by following the new technologies, to provide all kinds of information and resources, to ensure energy-efficient choices in the purchase of design, products, equipment and services, and comparing the energy performance of similar processes with the full participation and support of the employees in our organization. In December 2017, as a pilot application, the installation of TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System was completed in the Head Office service buildings and Oil Works Regional Directorate.

In the second stage of our organization, works were carried out to expand the scope of the document and as of December 2018 the standard requirements of Energy Management System were completed and TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System was started to be implemented in all BOTAŞ operations and facilities.

General Energy Consumption View

There is an intensive energy consumption throughout our organization. When we look at the change in the amount of energy generated by the consumption of energy sources such as natural gas, electricity and fuel oil, the distribution of our energy consumption is seen in all units.


Table 1: Total Energy Consumption of Our Company


Natural Gas and Market Operations District Management

Petroleum Operations District Management 

LNG Operation Management

Natural Gas Underground Storage Department

General Management

thousand toe

thousand toe

thousand toe

thousand toe

thousand toe







The breakdown of the total energy consumption of 2018, which is given above in terms of toe units, is given in the graph above.

The majority of the total annual energy consumption of our company is realized in GBM; The weighted portion of the consumption in question consists of the amount of energy spent for internal use (compressor fuel).

Table 2: Our Company’s Total Energy Consumption by Purpose



Internal Usage Gas




Natural Gas

Fuel Oil

million cm


milyon cm




















In our Head Office service buildings, to reduce energy consumption, exterior facade jacketing was done, door window changes were made, motion sensitive lamps were installed on the stairs and pipes used for heating and cooling were replaced with geothermal pipes, LED lighting was changed for lighting purposes and hot water began to be supplied with the installation of the Roof Solar Energy System. The change in the pump motors with more efficient motors has been ensured also in the Regional Directorate of Petroleum Enterprises.

Specific Energy Consumption [Dispatching Unit Energy Consumed Per Natural Gas or Oil Amount] (TEP / million Sm3 or TEP / million barrels)


Total Energy Consumption Change Rate of 2018 compared to 2017;


Our Projects and Targets

Within the scope of the energy management activities, our planned project targets include; in addition to the existing 1 MW Solar Power Plant (GES) Project, the new GES Project of 5 MW (1 MW- Adana Ceyhan, 2 MW Aksaray Salt Lake, 2 MW Ankara Yapracık) is foreseen.

In addition, the Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Project, which enables the generation of electricity by recycling the exhaust gases at high flow and temperature with a great energy potential at the compressor stations, will be implemented in a compressor station as a pilot application in the next period and it is planned to be disseminated in time.

On the other hand, according to the wind speed measurement results, it is planned to install Wind Power Plant (WPP) in Silivri Natural Gas Storage Facilities which belongs to our Institution, which is found to be sufficient for wind turbine installation.

As the leader in its sector, our company has set itself the target of improving energy usage performance and energy efficiency indicators within the framework of its domestic and national energy vision with the lowest environmental impact continuously and sustainably.